Amero Digital Currency

The AMERO is a new digital currency scheduled for launch on June 4, 2018 that is designed to support the needs of government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses. It is centrally managed by the North America Procurement Council to be secure, stable and sustainable.

The AMERO is being developed in partnership with the International Digital Monetary Council, a non-profit think-tank dedicated to the development of a sound policy and regulatory framework for regional digital currencies.

By launch, there will be at least hundreds of companies supplying a wide range of goods and services in exchange for AMERO, with more signing up to accept the AMERO for the foreseeable future.

117 companies now accept AMERO. Visit for a live list of companies who accept AMERO.

We will be offering grants for important development projects such as: education, preventative health care, renewable energy, climate change adaptation, green transportation, humane organic food production, anti-corruption programs, affordable and innovative housing, democracy, investigative journalism, conflict resolution and other programs and projects that contribute to a more humane and sustainable civilization.

Grants are not available to religious or political organizations or individuals. Applicants must be a government agency, non-profit organization or a business involved in innovative technology development.

Please submit the following information to receive a comprehensive application package:

Describe what your organization does
Describe your project/program in 500 words or less
Describe why your project/program is important
Do you already have partial funding for the project/program?     Yes     No

Please verify that you are a person, not a program. Please select the fish

Please allow up to 10 days to receive your application package by email.

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